Cross Point Case Study

Cross Point Gains 700 New Donors With Textify

When Cross Point, a large church with multiple locations in Nashville, Tennessee, was looking for a text giving platform, they turned to Textify Mobile. Textify gave them all the tools they needed to create separate giving funds and separate communications lists for each of their five campuses.

The church launched its text giving by creating a campaign that asked the question “What would happen if everyone gave something?” The pastor, Pete Wilson, walked the congregation through how to give and asked everyone to give just $5, illustrating how a little bit can make a big difference.

In just one Sunday, Cross Point engaged more than 700 first-time donors through Textify. By making it easy and accessible to give, and by centering it around a compelling campaign, people who normally did not donate were motivated to do so. The church was even able to promote the campaign on Facebook, since text gave people an easy way to give throughout the week.

“We started Textify and saw almost 700 new donors to Cross Point in one week!” said Stephen Brewster, Cross Point creative arts director. “It is so simple, the user experience is great, and it is well designed. Even creative people will enjoy using this platform.”

Text giving is especially effective for several reasons:

  • Donors are most motivated at the time of the ask, and texting creates an immediate opportunity to respond.
  • Donors don't carry cash or checkbooks.
  • They don't have to wait in line to give at a table or kiosk with text giving.
  • It is easier than downloading an app or going online on a phone.
  • It creates a participatory event where group dynamics work well.

These incredible results do not just bode well for church tithing; they also show how comfortable modern audiences are with text messaging, not hesitating to even transfer funds through a mobile phone. Text giving is here, and it is not only critical for staying up-to-date with the current donors, but it represents a unique opportunity to reach a brand donor base of people who have never given before.

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