Using Text Messaging for Effective Group Communication

Text group messaging is convenient and comprehensive for organizations, businesses, and groups that need to quickly get the word out about everything from sports events to close-out sales. Within a matter of seconds, you can send hundreds or thousands of text messages to a targeted audience.

Want to know how Textify's group text feature can work for you and your organization? From coaching staff to concert goers, here are some examples of different target audiences and uses for group texting.

Staff & Group Communication

Organizations can use the text features to communicate to specific groups. It allows quick, easy and simple communication to focused groups of people. For churches it might look like communication to deacons, elders, small group leaders, volunteer teams and more.

Retail Events

Retail companies can use text features to promote sales and communicate discount codes and even share special deals with "VIP" subscribers.

Musicians and Bands

Send out messages about upcoming performances and discount codes or special sales events for branded merchandise.

Medical Offices

Group text messaging is perfect for alerting patients about office closures or special clinic hours (such as seasonal flu shots.)

Sports Teams

Rained-out game? Rescheduled sports practice? Use texting to alert the entire team as well as coaching staff.

Business Updates

For business it can be used to communicate things such as scheduling, planning, events and more. For example, one Textify client uses the group text feature to notify employees of road closures to ensure that employees can arrive to work on time and without issues. Think about schools and winter closings due to ice or snow!

Alternative To Email Blasts

Group texting is a great alternative to email blasts for orgs. They can send simple updates with a link to news feeds, blog posts and more.

If you have a message to communicate to any group, whether you run an organization with 50 people or 500 people, group text messaging is the ideal tool. Be sure to sign up for a 30-day trial for Textify Mobile today. It's free!