Using SMS To Improve Patient Experience

Automating appointment reminders so that patients receive a simple text message is an effective way to communicate with new patients and recurring patients for every type of health care provider, from dentists to dermatologists.

Text message reminders may also help improve patients' proactive wellness practices. A study based in England suggests that women are much more likely to keep a breast cancer screening appointment if they’re sent a text message reminder about it.

The study was published in the March 17, 2015 issue of the British Journal of Cancer. Read the abstract of “Text-message reminders increase uptake of routine breast screening appointments: a randomised controlled trial in a hard-to-reach population.”

Think of the many applications for health care reminders via text:

  • Routine dental exams
  • Cancer screenings
  • Annual eye exams
  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Cholesterol screenings
  • Immunizations

Consider the many applications text message reminders could have for your business, whether you're in the health care industry or another industry that relies on recurring screenings or appointments.