Timing your Texts

So you decided to give mobile fundraising a shot. You signed up; you have subscribers; you wrote out messages. Now what?  

Even though text marketing is a simplified way to reach your supporters and followers, well-developed strategy is still required for each step. One of those steps is timing. Knowing when to send out a message and when to wait can be crucial in seeing conversions from your audience.

If you’re launching or utilizing text giving during an event, highlight the option and make sure your audience knows exactly how it works. Have a keyword that people can text, like “GIVE”, and then capture their information and give them steps to make a donation. Make sure to show your gratitude by sending a follow-up text an hour after the event or during following day. This follow-up text could even prompt some users who stalled mid-donation to follow through and finish.  

If you’re shooting out daily, weekly, or monthly texts for fundraising be aware of what day and what time you’re sending it out.

Concentrate your “ask” texts toward the beginning of the month and make sure you focus on Thursdays and Fridays. While people are on their phone almost nonstop, some people do put their phone away while they’re working. Send out texts around 7 a.m., noon, or 7 p.m. to gain the largest response possible out of your subscribers.

Most importantly, always make sure your donors feel appreciated when they give. Even though you just have a couple characters, show your gratitude creatively every time. 

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