Is Textify For You?

If you’re a little confused as to how or why you could use Textify in your business, organization, church, or group, let us clear that up right now.

Mobile marketing is here to stay, and Textify offers the ideal tool for you to use it to communicate effectively with customers, donors, clients, and members.

What can you do with Textify? What can’t be done is the better question.

It’s perfect for businesses, non-profit organizations, retailers, churches, artists, authors, schools, and individuals—anyone or any group who wants to get a message out.

Textify is perfect for sending important announcements, asking for donations, sharing deals and coupons, and offering encouragement.

All around town, Textify is there to help you reach more people and grow your organization.

Sign up now for a 30-day free trial to see just how easily you can reach your audience any time, anywhere.

Please feel free to download and share our Textify Town Square graphic to see for yourself how Textify can work for you, your friends and your neighbors! Click below or on the image at the top.