How Text Marketing Outshines Social Media

New research shows that top brands are only reaching 2 percent of their followers on Twitter and Facebook.

The data, as reported by research published in The Forrester report titled “Social Relationship Strategies That Work,” reveals that Twitter and Facebook from top brands reach only 2 percent of their followers. And the percentage of people who engage with those posts? An even smaller number: .07 percent of users. That small number includes targeted advertising and promoted content – in other words, the kind of content that brands think will engage people over social media.

Although a well-rounded marketing strategy should definitely still include social media, mobile marketing is growing in strength and warrants a bigger piece of the marketing pie. A 2015 Global Data-Driven Survey reported that the future of marketing is “all about getting personal,” which means that marketers should start trying to connect to consumers on the most intimate channel there is – text messaging. Text messaging, with its 100% delivery rate, instantaneous reach, and ability to segment and target users, is the perfect tool for marketers who are looking to take their company or product to the top.

Ninety percent of marketers say that individualized marketing (such as SMS campaigns) is a priority for them and they want to create one-to-one personalization in real time. Text messaging is the perfect strategy because it is delivered right to a person’s phone, speaking to them in the moment and connecting with them wherever they're at.

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