Getting Started With Text Giving

Text giving empowers you to fundraise from any location and your audience to way. Here are our best practices for successfully and effectively launching your text giving campaign:

Create a giving campaign or event to launch text giving.

Text giving is extremely effective when done in conjunction with a campaign or event, at least for the first introduction. For example, one church used Textify for its Christmas Eve giving while another used it to facilitate a campaign where everyone was encouraged to give $5 to show the impact even small gifts could give. Text giving tends to be consistently effective at events such as conferences, races, galas or other fundraisers. Create a moment where people are collectively encouraged and inspired to get out their phones and give. Once your audience becomes comfortable with the process, they will be more likely to use it on a weekly basis.

Walk your audience through the giving process.

While Textify is extremely easy to use, most audiences need a basic explanation of the process the first time they give. Have the pastor or a leader at your organization walk people through each step of the giving process, out loud and from stage.

Include visuals.

Most people need to see your keyword and short code in order to remember it. Create a graphic with step-by-step instructions or a video tutorial. Even just a sign or slide with your keyword and short code will help ensure people enter the right information. View the video above of Pastor Pete Wilson to see how Cross Point Church in Nashville launched text giving during their Sunday services and read the results here.