Four Unforgettable SMS Messages

Coming up with ideas day after day of what to send to your audience can be tiring and the creativity can drain away quickly. In a perfect world, every SMS that you send to your audience would be perfect. To alleviate some of the stress, here are basic categories of texts you can shoot to your audience to keep mobile communication light and simple.

1. Text-to-Give

As the most basic need for text marketing that an organization, ministry, or nonprofit can have, this message includes a potent call-to-action with a link to give. Because this message requires something from the receiver, you want to be sure to not overwhelm your audience with too many requests for donations, so figure out creative ways to ask. The prime time to send these messages is during a large gathering or event where people are already feeling inspired or encouraged. 

During weeks when nothing special is going on, mix it up a little.  Point people to an online story or testimonial that features a donate button at the end. If you continually ask people for money without giving anything in return, your audience will become burnt out, shooting your unsubscribe rate sky high. 

2. Events

If you’re a church or a ministry, you might use these to shoot your congregation fun text reminders of upcoming events or sermon/class topic reminders. These help keep your congregation excited for what’s next and reminds them to get involved.

But no matter what type of business or organization you are, if you have any kind of event going on (even if it's a webinar), send event reminders, inside information about the event, registration reminders, and little info messages to hype up people before the event. You have countless ways to get people excited about attending your event, and what's more simple than a text message?

3. Encouragement or Inspiration

Anyone can fit into this category. A fitness gym can shoot daily workout tips, healthy recipe ideas, or membership reminders. A bank can text daily finance tips or money saving ideas. A church can text out Bible verses and daily encouragement. Whatever your profession, find unique ways of inspiring your audience to remind them of the value you bring to their lives.

4. Updates

Have an internal shift or change? Let your followers and audience know! You can create anticipation for a new dish if you’re a restaurant or build excitement for a new series at church. Healthcare professionals or real estate can send out information on updated policies or listings. Again, the options are endless for all professions. 

Creating a unique way of communicating with your audience takes some development and strategy, but in the midst of it all, you never want to abuse the privilege of communicating with someone via text. While frequent communications are more acceptable with texting, avoid overwhelming your users by sending multiple texts in one day. If you make the messages worthwhile, your followers will catch on and soon they’ll be looking forward to your content!