Instagram and Text-to-Give: Engaging Eye Candy

Want your text-to-give campaign to reach even more potential donors? Promote it on all your social media channels and make your call-to-action simple and succinct.

Your organization's message is competing with thousands of messages, however. Make it stand out by creating a seamless campaign that includes compelling imagery that reinforces your message across all communication channels, from enewsletters to Instagram.

Today we're going to focus on Instagram as it's no longer a "should have," but a must have, for organizations. Instagram has surpassed Twitter in number of users with the predominant age group of users in the 16-24, making it the perfect social media channel to engage with youth. Instagram's appeal is also definitely skewed toward women. 

Here are 3 examples of text-to-give campaigns that used Instagram to effectively reinforce their message:

The NAACP aligned their Instagram content with an SMS marketing campaign with this graphic that has a simple call to action and is easy-to-read.

The National Humane Association used a compelling image of Ricky Bobby (but way cuter than Will Ferrell's version) the Dachsund combined with a clear call to action in this Instagram campaign.

Redbox ran an engaging holiday campaign that encouraged SMS subscribers to follow the brand on Instagram.


Instagram also enables you to publish compelling 15-second videos, as well.

Is your organization using Instagram to tell its story?