Enticing Your Audience

Getting people to sign up for your text messaging service can be difficult apart from large conferences or conventions. So how are the small businesses along with the large corporations rocking their text message club? 

It's not rocket science. We promise. 

If you're a product or service-based business or organization, the incentive to get signees is simple. Offer a discount or a give-away as a perk of joining the text club.

Who doesn't love free chips and queso? You’ll receive a mass of numbers in no time.

If you're an information source, nonprofit, etc. and are trying to use text messaging to stay on top of communications and donor development, your job is a little harder. The key is to make joining irresistible. 

Appeal to mystery. If you can make people feel as if they’ll miss something important by not signing up, then you have a golden selling line. Here are some great examples used by companies like WWE, Smash Burger, and New York & Company.

1. Be in the know instantly

2. Don’t miss out!

3. Breaking news at your fingertips

4. Become an insider

5. Get it first!

All of these serve one purpose—they make viewers feel that if they don’t sign up, they’ll be out of the loop. And c'mon, you have great content and information to give to the public, so they really will be missing out if they don't sign up.

 So be creative. Come up with a power statement that makes signing up look and feel irresistible. Then sit back and watch the numbers start rolling in.