Best Habits for Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is here to stay. It’s revolutionizing the way churches run offering collections on Sundays and it’s even bringing in the big bucks at conventions, events, and benefits.

While one of the biggest selling points of mobile marketing is its easy fundraising, that’s not the only way that it’s useful. Mobile marketing is simplifying day-to-day communications for small to giant organizations. Minimized staff can now run smoother marketing tactics without needing all the manpower.

Before you dive in too deep, here are three things to keep in mind:

1. You don't get a pass on potency just because it's short.

It can be difficult to narrow down a piece of communication or campaign detail into just 160 characters. But just because it’s short doesn’t mean it has to be any less powerful than a narrative blog post. Edit the messages, revise, and edit again. People expect text messages to be light and punchy, so dig out your creative side and engage your audience.

2. On that note, make sure you do keep it short.

If you have something that can’t be said in 160 characters, 320 max, then save it for an email or a newsletter. Receiving giant text messages from a friend is overwhelming enough, not to mention an organization or a business. Keep it short. Make it sweet and potent.

3. Provide direction  introduce mobile marketing on a large scale.

Whether your purpose with mobile marketing is communications, fundraising or a mixture or both, make sure your audience knows and understands how it works. Mobile marketing isn’t just the new trendy tool to use, it’s also extremely efficient and beneficial. But when your consumers or supporters don’t understand how it works, it becomes just a trendy tool. And we all know what happens to trends after a while.

Consider introducing the tool at a large gathering, event or service to walk people through the process. Mobile marketing is all about gaining phone numbers, so make sure people leave feeling comfortable having just handed over a personal piece of information to you.

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