5 Ways SMS Marketing Is Perfect for Small Biz

It's no secret that today's consumer wants instant and easy access to updates and news from their favorite businesses.

SMS marketing is the perfect strategy for small businesses looking to cut through the clutter and send discounts and other announcements to their consumer base.

Here are 5 reasons SMS marketing is perfect for small businesses:

Easy To Use

SMS marketing is an incredibly simple way to communicate with consumers and doesn't take tech-savvy super hero powers! Our easy-to-use Textify platform is intuitive and has very little learning curve. Plus we're always available to answer your questions.

Low Cost

SMS marketing campaigns are a low-cost piece of the marketing puzzle. Most small businesses can't afford elaborate or expensive marketing strategies and SMS marketing is perfect for getting more bang from your marketing buck. The average cost of an SMS text message is $0.01 to $0.05 per message, and Textify offers plans starting at $9.95 per month.

High ROI

Small business owners are typically overworked and overscheduled (and yes, they are their own boss!). The return on investment for an SMS marketing subscription is well worth the effort. The risks are low, but the potential gains via SMS marketing are high. SMS messages have an open rate of 95 percent in contrast to the less than 25 percent rate of email opens, so if you're considering one over the other, SMS marketing is clearly the winner.


SMS messages give businesses the ability to contact their customers within seconds. By the end of 2015, most U.S. mobile phone owners will own a smart phone, and worldwide, that percentage continues to grow as well. For the first time, more than one-quarter of the global population will use smartphones in 2015, according to eMarketer, and by 2018, eMarketer estimates, over one-third of consumers worldwide, or more than 2.56 billion people, will do so. That 2018 figure also represents more than half—51.7 percent—of all mobile phone users, meaning that feature phones will finally become a minority in the telecommunications world.

Short and Sweet

From email to e-newsletters, we're all bombarded with thousands of messages daily. People want news and communications short, sharp and snappy. Nobody has the time, patience or attention span to read through line after line of text (which is why so many people become "skimmers.")  A brief text message, however, is the succinct snapshot of information that customers prefer. Annoying mobile messages that do not resonate, are intrusive and overwhelm...ain't nobody got time for that!

To learn more about how Textify can help your small business grow, check out some of our ideas here. Have you seen any clever ways small businesses have used SMS marketing effectively? Let us know!