5 Textify Upgrades To Kick Off The New Year

It’s a new year and a new you. Ok, so realistically speaking your resolutions may be collecting dust by spring but we’re rolling out upgrades faster than Taylor Swift can find a new ex.

Thanks to feedback from our great users (yeah that’s you), and the amazing collective brainpower of our development team, we’ve made the donor text-to-give experience even better.

Check out your Textify account or sign up for a free trial to check out these great new features!

Easier Text-to-Give: Our text interface is now more intuitive for newbie users. They’ll no longer receive a pesky error message when they do not perfectly format their message. As long as our interface can find the account they’re trying to give to, it will send users a link to a giving form that now includes an amount option.

Improved Giving Form: The giving form not only allows for a more secure experience, but it also allows donors to designate money to specific funds within your organization (i.e. $25 to youth; $50 to missions, $10 to general, etc.)

Optional Saved Cards: Previously, when a user gave, their card was automatically stored for easier future donations. Now a user can choose whether or not they would like to store their card.

Giving Reminders: Textify will send automatic reminders to donors who started the giving process but did not complete their donation. These reminders will go out 24 to 48 hours after the donation process is started.

Donation Receipts: We had numerous requests from donors who would like to receive a receipt via email. Now, the Textify system will automatically notify users with an e-mail confirmation after every donation.

We’d love to hear what you think about these new features! Your thoughts help us continually improve Textify, making it an even better tool for reaching supporters, empowering donors, and raising funds.