10 Takeaways About Text Marketing

There’s no limit to the stats that prove text marketing is effective and efficient.

Is your organization or ministry missing out on text marketing? Are you hesitant to try it? Perhaps you need more data to prove that text marketing is not a fad, especially if the flip-phone carriers at your organization still take some convincing.

Here are 10 undeniable facts that make the case for text marketing.          

  • 98% of text messages get read (as opposed to 22% of emails).
  • The average person looks at their phones 150 times per day.
  • 75% of people prefer receiving ads via SMS.
  • It’s a fast and efficient method of communicating.
  • It’s affordable. Textify plans start at just $9.99/month.
  • Effectiveness is easily measured.
  • Messaging must be succinct, making it easy for audiences to digest the most important info.
  • 19% of people will click the URL in a text message.
  • Texts enhance and support other messaging (For example, a simple follow up text asking “have you read our email?” can help increase email open rates by 20 to 30%).
  • It's green! 40% of the world's trees are chopped down simply to make paper.

Responding to a text message literally takes seconds. Why wouldn't your organization want to utilize this powerful messaging medium?

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