Six Steps To Reach Your Church Via Text Messaging

What’s the most powerful and portable way to communicate with your church? Texting!

Need some ideas for how to use text messaging to reach your church community? Here are six to get you going:

Send daily inspirational texts, such as quotes or Bible verses, straight to your members' mobile phones.

Text scriptural quotes relevant to the current sermon series to keep members inspired beyond Sunday morning.

Alert members instantly about schedule changes.

Need to cancel services due to snow or ice? Text alerts are a quick and efficient way to notify your congregation when you need to contact them NOW.

Publicize upcoming events

Want to ensure your social events are well attended? Remind members about your upcoming church picnic or family movie night with a simple text to mark their calendars.

Reach your youth

75% of all teens text, according to data from a 2012 Pew Internet Research Study, and no doubt that number will continue to creep higher. Communicate youth via the method they embrace – texting!

Get feedback from your community

Need to quickly survey your congregation? Send a text asking for feedback.

Accept donations

Text-to-give is a great option for giving to the church or even for paying tithes. It's easy for your members to give with a simple text from their phone – no cash or checks required. See how Cross Point utilized text giving to mobilize their congregation.

The ideas for creatively and effectively using text messaging to build community and communicate with your church are endless.

How have you used text messaging to inspire and inform your church congregation?


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